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Microphone Accessories

Reinhardt manufacture a selection of microphone accessories including pistol grips, microphone boom supports and wireless microphone boom holders.

There can be upto 21 days delivery time on these products.

Wireless microphone boom holders.

MTB40S _ 03.png

Wireless microphone boom holders.

Boompole Microphone transmitter holder.

This unique product allows you to easily and quickly mount your transmitter directly on your boom pole exactly where you need it. Use it at the base of your boom pole to save your muscles and prevent aching shoulders.

  • Virtually any wireless transmitter bracket can be custom made for you. Contact me for further details.

  • Sony UPX-PO3 (illustrated

  • Lectrosonics

  • Sennheiser

  • Audio Wireless

  • Wisycom

Please remember to state which wireless unit you have when ordering your Boompole Microphone transmitter holder.

Customs Tarif 85189000

Lectrosonics HM

Microphone Holder PG7

Microphone holder type PG7 microphone suspension system designed and manufactured by Reinhardt of Denmark.

By using the latest 3d print technology and our own surface treatment system we do not have to make large investments in moulds so that we are able to produce this product at a very favourable price. Small adjustments and specific customer requirements can be met without smashing your budget.

The PG7 Microphone holder is one of the best microphone supports for reducing handling noise rumble from the camera or boom pole.

Special introductory price of €79 until 31 May 2019.

  • Very low noise adjustable suspension.

  • Light weight 76gm.

  • Adjustable angle.

  • Counteract windshield drooping.

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