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Foam Windscreensl

Foam windscreens

We have a small range of foam windshields to cater for most shotgun, hand and camcorder microphones.

Foam windshields are adequate for mild wind conditions but in stronger winds then a fur windsock will be required..

Most of our shotgun foam windshields now have a universal hole size that fit from 19mm to 24mm diameter microphones.

Please contact us if you need a special size or OEM production.

foams coloured_.jpg

The Reinhardt range of foam windscreens

Windscreens for body worn microphones


For very small tie-clip microphones up to approx. 6mm diameter


For small tie-clip microphones up to approx. 12mm diameter



Fits most 5" shotgun microphones. For microphones 18 - 22mm dia. 130mm length. Panasonic: AG-MC100 Sony: DSR-PD150, DSR-PD170, DSR200, DSR390L, DSR-570SP, DSR-390P, DSR-250P, DSR-PDX10P videocameras & ECM-NV1 Microphone and most Professional Sony, Canon



For SM58 and most hand held microphones. 

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